Bees attack 40 Form 4 Students sitting KCSE Kiswahili paper In Kathiani


40 students from St. Benedict Secondary School in Kombu sublocation of Kathiani Subcounty were evacuated from their classes after bees attacked them while sitting for their KCSE Kiswahili paper.

According to the report given by the Ministry of Education in Kathiani sub-county, the bees invaded the class in the morning while the students were sitting for a Kiswahili paper.

The Ministry of Education officials in the sub-county with the help of police moved the students to Kituki Primary School to continue with their Kiswahili paper as they sprayed the bees to chase them from the classes.


“Bees in the morning invaded St. Benedict Secondary school where 40 students were sitting for their exams and we had to evacuate them to Kituki Primary school to continue with their Kiswahili exam as we sprayed the bees,” read the report in part.

No student was injured during the incident as all of them were successfully rescued from the classes.

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