Form 4 student moved to Mwingi Level 4 After Developing Labor Pains while sitting for KCSE

A past photo of Mwingi Level 4 Hospital. (Photo -Courtesy)

A form 4 student in Kitui is sitting for her KCSE exams at Mwingi Level 4 Hospital. This is after she developed labor pains while sitting for the exams.

Confirming the incident Mwingi Central Subcounty Director of Education Samuel Kyathi said that the girl who was pregnant developed labor pains while in school and was rushed to the hospital to deliver.

“We got a report that a Form 4 girl had developed labor pains during her exams and we rushed her to Mwingi Level 4 hospital to ensure she delivers safely,” Kyathi said.

The Director of education called on parents to ensure that they don’t mount pressure on their children who are sitting for the national examinations asking them to give the candidates ample time.

“I want to ask parents to give the candidates time to do their exams and if possible to lessen their chores so they can prepare,” the Subcounty director of education went on.

The girl has not yet delivered but she is still in the hospital.

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