Zipporah Eric explains why she reversed money sent to Ndeke

Matelemya Hitmaker Zipporah Eric has cleared the air about why she had to reverse the money she had sent to Ndeke Ya Muthanga.

In a video on her YouTube page, Zipporah Eric shared a screenshot of what transpired for her to request a reversal of the ten thousand shillings sent to the singer.

She said that utterances made by Ndeke during the Bless Me album launch were the ones that pushed her to reverse the money as she termed it disrespectful of Ndeke to utter such words.

“During the event, he made statements that were disrespectful to me and might ruin my brand, after watching the clip through YouTube I tried reaching Ndeke ya Muthanga on the phone and he was unavailable. After this I forwarded the Mpesa message to Safaricom for reversal,” said Zipporah.

“I texted him that I needed my money back since he had displayed a high degree of disrespect to me, I made efforts through Safaricom and got my money back which I really appreciate, that’s when Ndeke started to insult me if you were me ungefanya nini ndo heshima idumu?,” questioned Zipporah.

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This however has raised different reactions from netizens and here are some of them;

Margy Maggie said,”Actions speak louder than words….it’s a lesson to us, the kind of picture You’ve used to define yourself with…..(when you fear God, knowledge &wisdom)follows you,”

Purity Kasomo said,”We’ve done so many things to people who said worst things about us or did us bad things, especially kwa watu wa Mungu tenda wema nenda zako, to me the reverse was not necessary…zipporah we respect you mama jaribu to protect your image for the sake of the body of Christ,”

Juliet Celine said, “Nothing can justify the action since you call yourself a gospel artist. Where gospel in this??? that’s being petty. You did what any otherworldly person would do. Mtangaze msimamo tafadhali. I love your songs though,”

Jackson Mutinda Masekete said, “Exactly…good that you’ve put it in right,”

Stephen Kasolo Kitole said, “Kau wina Mwene. Ngai asilanasya kati..,”

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