Wavinya doesn’t respond to phone calls during emergencies – Sikika Road Safety

Sikika road Safety has accused Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti of not responding to their calls during emergencies.

They claimed that the previous Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua responded well during emergencies such as accidents, unlike Wavinya.

This followed an accident in Masii Sunday that required the passengers injured to be evacuated by an ambulance.

“Hon Wavinya Ndeti this is the second time we are reaching out to you when there is an emergency in your county but you don’t pick up our calls‼️ we miss Dr. Alfred Mutua because he used to respond to us…there is a crash which has happened at Masii involving a Suzuki every psv, passengers are hurt and need ambulance response.” A post by Sikika Road Safety on Facebook read.

The post resulted in different reactions with some defending Wavinya that she is not the emergency contact while others claimed she should assist.

Here are some of the reactions;

Angio Wanga said,” hakuna kitu hapa.. If the governor is to respond such calls kila siku will she even do her work? Acheni kuguilt trip watu bana.”

Peter Karanja said, “That’s why she has CECs, department heads, and county staff….This should be at the emergency response desk not at the governor’s desk with all due respect to the wonderful job you are doing…”

David Wanjohi said, “So why should she pick ur calls? You should contact the Machakos emergency response team. So kazi ya Governor ni simu tu.”

Faith Mwams said, “How on earth do you call a governor for this? Is she working at the emergency response department call center? Aii….! If Alfred used to answer your calls then I’m sure he was on phone calls 24/7.”

Charity Wangai said, “Am amazed that people are talking about the protocol here. When she was asking for the votes, she would even come to your houses, deep in the villages even late at night. She would answer those calls even very late at night. But for now, mhesh is very busy to answer those calls or even attend to the people that elected her.
Come on guys.”

Aredi Van Okush said, “Kenyans always want ACCESSIBLE leaders until they see such posts then they now become protocol and hierarchy experts.”

Angela Mworia said,”In case of an emergency anyone can be called including the president if necessary to intervene. So stop saying they called the wrong people. Probably the right people were not doing anything. Good work Sikika. Hope wamesaidika and are being attended in the nearest hospital.”

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