Tunga Ndukowae -Kaewa Superstars hit that has taken Tiktok by storm

Tunga Ndukowae (do not murder, return) challenge has been trending in TikTok for the last few weeks. However, some people do not know about the actual song and artist behind it – Kaewa Superstars.

Tungo Ndukowae was released 7 months ago and has so far garnered over 120,000 views on YouTube.

It advocates for an end to gender-based violence with the singer calling for divorce rather than couples murdering each other in the famous phrase,”muthonua nye namwianya mwiitu waku ngautungia emuima oundu noosie.

The 8-minute song is a story of how a man and woman fall in love and the parents release the girl to get married with her blessings after educating her, loving her, and taking care of her.

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After a year the man who married is summoned to the girl’s home for mistreating her and fighting her. Thereafter the girl’s parents receive sad news of their daughter’s murder by the husband resulting in them being taken ill.

Vai haja we, umuwae wamwosyie kwoo emuima utungae atethau- there is no need to kill her when you got her from their home when she was alive.” the song goes on.

Here are some reactions to the song;

Dixon kimstv said,”Wale wa tiktok tuketi wapi….let’s make this hit trend… Huyu jamaa aliandika bana.”

Rafiki Givers said, “l the way from Tiktok to here God bless you pure talent.’

Johnson Kimeu said,”Kasee vaa ukunite syindu nesa. Ti message, ti mlio wa vyombo. Si mpangilio Wa sauti. Kila kitu ill tick tick tick. Ngai e mbee vai nguli yosa musakwa.”

Isabela Kyalo said, “Might need therapy have listened on repeat for a questionable amount of time….I think he might be the next kamba giant.”

Mwalimu said, ” Bro, this is exactly what I love most… Advisory Message. Usanii/msanii ni kioo cha jamii! It’s a YES for me. Nyie wa Kisungu nendete ou yu.”

The video:

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