Syokimau: Family seeks justice following death of minor in a school bus

A family in Syokimau, Machakos is crying for justice following the death of their three-year-old son in a road accident. Liam was involved in a fatal accident on Friday, February 9, 2024, at 5 pm.

According to reports, the school bus was involved in the heartbreaking accident that claimed young Liam’s life. The boy’s mother, Mercy Nasirembe, recounted the harrowing moment when she received the distressing news from the school administration.

“He never came back to us,” Nasirembe lamented, recalling her son’s routine departure for school, unaware that it would be his last.

“I rushed to the scene only to find my son dead. They called me to see my son dead on the road.” Nasirembe went on.

The grieving family has encountered challenges in obtaining clarity from the school administration regarding the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. Nasirembe expressed frustration over the lack of communication from the school principal, leaving the family in search of answers and justice.

Athi River South police commander Jos Mudavadi recorded the occurrence when the co-driver door of the school bus unexpectedly opened, causing Liam to fall and be run over by the vehicle’s back tire.

“It happened that the said school bus had carried pupils and it was on its way dropping kids on various destinations and on reaching the scene of the accident. The co-driver’s door which was not properly locked opened and the deceased fell down and was run over by the rear tyre. He sustained serious injuries and died on the spot. The scene was visited and the body was moved to Shalom Community Hospital mortuary.” Mudavadi reported.

The vehicle was impounded at the Athi River police station awaiting investigation. The driver was apprehended but later released on bail. An autopsy conducted at Shalom Community Hospital mortuary aimed to shed light on the exact cause of Liam’s death.

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