Kangundo: Kathaana Watchman Murdered by Armed Robbers

Sleuths in Kangundo have launched investigations over the murder of a watchman by unknown armed robbers in Kathaana DEB Secondary.

Confirming the incident, Board of Management Chairperson Dr. Ancent Kituku said that the armed robbers stole computers and televisions from the school.

He noted that due to the mental health of the students and giving police space to do their investigations, the school had been closed and students sent home.

“We have had an incident in the morning where our night watchman was killed by unknown armed robbers who stole computers and television from the school,” said Kituku.

“The students have been sent back home for the sake of their mental health as well as to pave way for investigations by the police,” he added.

A brother of the deceased said that he got a call from neighbors about the body of his brother lying helpless at the school and upon reaching the school he found that blood oozing from his nostrils.

“I received a call from a neighbour about my brother and when I arrived I found his body lying there at the gate lifeless I informed the assistant chief to inform the authorities,” said the deceased brother.

The body of the deceased has been moved to Kangundo level 4 mortuary as police hunt for the culprits.

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