Sweet Peter explains why he wants to quit Illuminati

Controversial herbalist Sweet Peter ‘City Boy’ revealed that he is a member of the Illuminati and now wants to quit.

Speaking during a past interview, Sweet Peter revealed that he joined the Illuminati and has been an agent recruiting people to join the cult. Sweet Peter revealed that he once got an accident and died but he later resurrected with tattoos and became an Illuminati agent in 2011.

“I have recruited many people to Illuminati but I have decided with my heart that I’m going to quit the cult. I have had the call to quit the cult because before I started worshipping Satan I was once a God’s child and I believe there is still the Godliness in me,” he said.

The Herbalist added that in his heart there is a seed of God because he started treating people when he was barely seven years and people were getting healed even before he joined Illuminati thus he is willing to remain a doctor and leave the cult.

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“I have healed many people since I was seven years old and so I believe that God has a purpose for me and that’s why I’m willing to leave the Satanic ways and continue serving the Lord through treating and healing people. It’s God who gave me the gift to treat people, it’s not satan because I started treating when I was seven years old but I joined the Illuminati when I was 25 years old,” Dr. Sweet Peter added.

He revealed that he is ready to quit the cult because he was not willing to join the cult but it was poverty that made him join. He said that he was recruited to the Illuminati by an old lady whom he approached when he had no money.

“The old grandmother came to me to get treated but I realized that she was well-moneyed and that’s when I decided to ask her the source of her wealth because she even had money. I told her that I had no money to buy some of the medicine to buy stock prompting me to borrow Ksh.200 K to boost my stock. However she told me that I should not refund the money and instead, she offered to show me how to get more money and that’s how I got into love with her and later joined the Illuminati,” Sweet Peter revealed.

Sweet Peter said he was willing to leave the cult but he was told that he should fast for seven days and he would be free. “I’m fasting for seven days to pray to God that he forgives me my sins especially since I recruited many people to join the Illuminati and after seven days I will be redeemed and be free,” Sweet Peter added.

He said he is even willing to get poor and ask for help from Kenyans when some of his property which was acquired when he joined the Illuminati gets lost.

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