Mutisya Maweu Fires Back at Stephen Kasolo

In a heated clash of words, Promoter and former MCSK director Mutisya Maweu has issued a stern warning to controversial gospel artist Stephen Kasolo, cautioning him to stop meddling in his family affairs.

The feud escalated after Kasolo publicly claimed that Maweu had separated from his wife, Dinah Kiptoo, famous for her hit song “Pongezi Kina Mama.”

Maweu did not take kindly to Kasolo’s intrusion and accused him of starting a fight he could not handle.

 “Kasolo has become personal, and it is his habit. You remember he first attacked Stella, Ndeke, Kabwere, and others. He says he has the right to attack anyone, but let him be warned that the way he has chosen won’t end well for him. He should keep off my family,” Maweu declared.

Maweu, who uses his YouTube channel to promote music and discuss trending topics, revealed that the conflict began after he and his co-host, Lazaro, discussed a video where Kasolo claimed Ndeke ya Muthanga could not meet ASAL MP Penina Malonza, only to be proven wrong later. This, according to Maweu, triggered Kasolo’s personal attacks.

Maweu stressed that his marriage is intact and that he and his wife have never separated. He emphasized the importance of keeping his family off social media for their well-being, urging Kasolo to respect their privacy.

Maweu also disclosed that he was not a preacher but previously worked with missionaries from Korea and later followed his passion for music.

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