Speaker Kinengo addresses water shortage in Kitui and Mwingi towns

Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Kevin Kinengo Katisya has addressed the water shortage issue that has been experienced in Kitui County’s major towns.

Speaking during a public engagement forum in Mwingi, Speaker Kinengo assured Kitui residents that the water shortage issue would be sorted out in a week.

Kinengo said that the water shortage was due to unpaid electricity bills by the Kitui Water and Sewerage Company (KITWASCO) and Kiambere-Mwingi Water and Sewerage Company (KIMWASCO) which supplies water in Kitui Municipality and Mwingi Town respectively.

He added that according to the Water Chief Officer, Nathan Vungo, the issue is being addressed and water will be restored in the shortest time possible.

“I talked to the Water Chief Officer, Nathan Vungo, who assured me that they have paid the electricity bills which were to the tune of Ksh. 50 Million and water will be available soon. The bills were paid on Thursday, 9th May 2024, and as you are aware Friday was a holiday thus the payments will be reflected on Monday to sort out the issue. The water may take close to a week before it is pumped to our towns from Masinga,” the Kitui County Assembly Boss stated.

“The Chief Officer told me that the water will be available from 17th May 2024 onwards so that the water problem may be sorted. “The County Government of Kitui serves all the people of Kitui equally that’s why I will support my MCAs to ensure that even if it means they pass a crucial motion guiding on how Kitui residents will get water to their households,” Kinengo added.

There has been a water shortage in Kitui town, Mwingi town, and their environs since March 2024 a thing that has made the Kitui residents plea the County Government to address the issue so that they can get clean water in the towns.

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