Sexual benefits of ‘Itoo’ that will surprise you

Known in English as Garantula snot apple – ‘Itoo’ is a multi-purpose edible fruit. The fruit was popular among the Kamba community in the old days but many viewed it as just a normal fruit.

Nowadays the fruit is not common but can do well again if the farmers are re-introduced to farming after training.

With its succulent flesh, the fruit can be used to make syrups, and jam among other delicacies.

The remarkable silky oddly shaped fruit is not only nutritious but does have sexual health benefits.


First, it can help reduce blood pressure, help women battling infertility, cleanse the body, and protect from diseases.

For sexual health benefits, the fruit increases libido in both men and women thus serving as an aphrodisiac. Those experiencing low libido due to stress or other health issues should find the fruit.

It also lubricates the vagina, keeping it moist, and depending on your body type you may need to chew on a few to get results.

The fruit is also encouraged due to its ability to get rid of the vaginal odor as it serves as a cleanser.

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