Ruto reprimands Kawaya after leaders’ jobs request

President William Ruto reprimanded Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka alias Kawaya after he asked for jobs for Victor Munyaka and James Mbaluka.

Speaking during the Wote Catholic diocese fundraiser, Ruto said such requests should be made in his office and not in the public.

He advised leaders present that in public they should only ask for issues that affect the members of the public.

“They told me that so and so has not gotten a job. They are seated here with a red carpet with good seats and water, I ask them to also remember ordinary Kenyans. And if anything they are more deserving. We have over 4 million Kenyans youths who have completed education and have no jobs.”Ruto in response to Musyoka’s request said.

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“Don’t bring the issues of leaders here, look for me in the office. When you come to such meetings say issues affecting the public. When we meet here let’s sort the issues of ordinary Kenyans.” Ruto added.

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