Ngone Mwaitu: Genuine visit or money-minting affair?

Ngone Mwaitu is a Kamba ceremony held mostly on weekends commonly known in English as parents glamming.

The occasion is meant for parental visits but mostly the mother and is largely characterized by gifts and celebrations.

The culture is practiced in the three Ukambani counties but other communities seem to be embracing it slowly by slowly.

The function brings joy to the family and the community but there are questions arising.

Many say that the purpose of the function has been altered as some have been hiding behind it to make money.

The initial objective to celebrate with parents and appreciate them has been replaced with the hunger to acquire money leaving parents languishing in poverty.

In most cases, the parents who are visited are given a few notes while their child’ pockets the rest of the money.

“Is this not using your parents to get money which initially should be theirs? the function has been monetized that flowers are being sold during the occasion to raise more money then give parents Ksh.5000 after pocketing hundreds of thousands,” said a Facebook user.

Victoria Mulalya said the function should be done with utmost love and respect to the parents.

“It’s okay if you are genuinely visiting your parents with the intention of glamming them. However, it is evil to use them as pawns in the chess game to get money, “she noted.

So the question remains is this function a money-minting affair or genuine interaction for the betterment of parents’ welfare?

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