Carol Kithendu speaks on claims she disappeared with Yasoi’s money

Kawethei strikers’ Band leader Carol Kithendu has refuted claims that she disappeared with money contributed for Nzaui boys band leader Yasoi who is in prison.

In a Youtube interview, Carol also known as Kikoyo said that she and Kathekani Boys band leader Yashoto created the WhatsApp group meant for the contribution.

The money being contributed was meant to bail out Yasoi from prison where he was sentenced to three years in prison or 1.3 million shillings for fraud alongside 2 other women.

“He and the 2 were sentenced to three years in jail after being found guilty. In December Yasoi called Yashoto and requested we make contributions totaling 100,000 that will ensure his release after serving for one year. We opened a Whatsapp group and added fans and fellow artists,” Carol narrated.

She explained that they organized a show that was meant to contribute more money to secure the release of the musician.

“In the group, 25,000 was contributed which was being sent to Yasoi’s phone number. After holding the show I closed the group because many artists were not contributing in terms of speaking and when I lost my phone the group became dormant for almost a month,” she noted.

“At the show, the money collected as entry fee and fundraising totaled to 16,000 and the expenses totaled 11,000. After paying the expenses I sent 5000 to Yasoi but I was very disappointed by some of the artists accusing me of vanishing with the money,” she explained.

Carol disclosed that the show was attended by five artists out of the more than ten who were invited to perform. She disclosed that the lack of unity and operation between Benga artists caused the fundraising to flop.

Rumors that she has disappeared with the money collected during the show were rife on social media forcing her to clear the air.

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