Middle-Aged Man Dies after Drowning in a Mwingi Dam while rescuing 2 bulls

A body of a middle-aged man was retrieved from a dam in Winzyeei in Migwani sub-county, Mwingi West.

Confirming the incident, Migwani sub-county police commander Kazungu Charo said that the middle-aged man drowned when he was trying to save his two bulls who had drowned together with his ox-cart. His efforts to save the bulls were fruitless as he drowned and died together with them in the dam.

“I’m at the scene- a dam constructed by Kitui County government. A man called Nzuka Mutie came with an ox cart pulled by two bulls and they entered in water deep into the dam. When he tried to save them he couldn’t get out of the water and drowned together with them. We want to call upon the county government to do something because three weeks ago another cow died in the same dam after drowning and thus it should be fenced,” Musyoka Musyai, a witness said.

He also appealed to the area MP Charles Nguna and the County Government of Kitui to help in fencing the dangerous dam since it has a lot of water after it was desilted and might cause more deaths.

The residents requested the dam to be fenced and fitted with pipes to allow them to fetch water from outside instead of entering the dam. They also called upon the County Government to deploy divers in each sub-county who will come and train the villagers in case of such cases which will help them save lives.

The police came together with residents and helped to retrieve the body of the man which was stuck in the mud.

The body of the deceased was taken to Migwani mortuary in Migwani town.

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