Makindu Nurse charged for procuring student’s abortion

A nurse at Makindu Hospital has been charged with procuring an abortion on a 15-year-old secondary school student.

Benjamin Muthoka the accused appeared before Judge Arnold Omurwa and faced three counts namely, murder, procuring abortion, and giving out abortion pills to the student charges he denied.

According to the prosecution, Muthoka and another auspect not in court on 19th January aided a secondary school student to commit abortion.

The judge refused an application by the accused’s lawyer to have him out on bail. The accused stay in jail until 5th March when the court will decide whether he deserves bond.

“In determining this issue I note that the complainant here is a minor of 15 years,secrion eight of the Children’s Act states that in all matters the right of a child is of primary importance so taking a cue from the same provision of law, I direct that a prebail report be filed in court within seven days from the date hereof,” said the judge.

“Number two the accused shall remain in custody and shall be accorded medical treatment by the relevant authorities if need be and number three pretrial and prebail report on 5th of March 2024 before court number one,” he added.

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