Makali Mulu Demands Accountability as Umaa Dam Construction Set to Resume

After a decade-long hiatus, the construction of the Umaa Dam in Kyanguithia Eastward, Kitui Central, is set to resume, with MP Makali Mulu putting contractors on notice. Mulu has emphasized transparency, accountability, and locals involvement in the project, which has faced delays for over 10 years.

The MP revealed that the government has allocated 200 million shillings for the completion of the Umaa Dam, a vital infrastructure project for the region. Expressing concern over the prolonged delay, the MP has issued a stern warning to contractors, insisting that the funds must be used efficiently, and the project should not be marred by the same mismanagement that occurred a decade ago.

“All casual labor jobs should be given to the residents before those from other places are hired. That is my stand as a leader.”Mulu said.

The MP insisted that the local community should benefit directly from the project, both in terms of employment opportunities and subsequent access to water resources.

Highlighting the need for vigilance, Mulu cautioned against any attempts to embezzle funds allocated for the Umaa Dam project.

“I will be on watch; we must get water. Public resources must be used transparently and in an open way. Accountability is priority number one. That’s what we will be demanding every time,” he asserted.

The MP’s stance aligns with the broader call for responsible and transparent use of public funds, ensuring that community members are directly involved and that the Umaa Dam becomes a sustainable and impactful resource for the people of Kyanguithia East.

As construction gears up to recommence, the eyes of the community and stakeholders will be on the Umaa Dam project, with expectations of timely completion, local employment opportunities, and a renewed commitment to accountability in the utilization of public resources.

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