Makali Mulu speaks after Kitui Roadside Vendors Received eviction notices

Kitui Central MP Dr. Makali Mulu has emphasized the need for collaborative efforts among regional leaders to address the plight of Kitui roadside vendors.

In the wake of an abrupt eviction notice served to roadside vendors, local leaders in Kitui Central are rallying for alternative trading spaces to be provided for the affected business people.

The eviction notice, demanding that vendors cease trading by the roadside within 24 hours, has sparked concerns among both the vendors and the community. Many of these vendors operate their businesses relying heavily on loans and fear the detrimental impact of eviction without a viable solution.

“When we were seeking votes, Governor Malombe, Makali Mulu, we assured our people that they would not be displaced from the town without being provided an alternative trading location. This was our commitment as leaders.” Mulu stressed the importance of fulfilling this promise and ensuring that the vendors are not left stranded.

“Yesterday, I received reports that business people in Kitui, particularly around the hospital, county assembly area, and Kalundu, were served eviction notices with a mere 24-hour notice period,” Dr. Mulu added.

The MP called for calm among the affected vendors, reassuring them that they would not be evicted without being presented with alternative trading options. He urged the business community to maintain peace while leaders work towards finding a resolution.

Local leaders are now under pressure to swiftly devise a plan to accommodate the displaced vendors. Providing alternative trading spaces not only mitigates the immediate impact on the vendors’ livelihoods but also ensures the orderly management of business activities within the region.

Efforts are underway to engage stakeholders and explore viable options for relocating the vendors while ensuring minimal disruption to their businesses. As discussions progress, the hopes of the vendors and the expectations of the community remain firmly anchored on the commitment of leaders to uphold their promises and provide a sustainable solution to this pressing issue.

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