That is Photoshop: Sonko says on trending photo

Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has spoken on a viral photo with a woman seated behind him during the Anzauni function last week.

Sonko via a post on X acknowledged the presence of the woman seated behind him, including those occupying the seat reserved for CS Penina Malonza, who arrived later, Sonko released an original copy of the photo. Upon careful comparison, evidence of manipulation became apparent, casting doubt on the authenticity of the alleged image.

Expressing concern over the fabrication of such an image, Sonko appealed to anyone who knows the woman to contact his office immediately or bring her in for counseling sessions. He emphasized the importance of respecting the unidentified woman as a member of the community.

“That is Photoshop,” Sonko stated.

“I’m appealing to anyone who is in contact with her to immediately get in touch with me or bring her to my offices so that we can make arrangements to sponsor her and her family for counseling sessions,” Sonko stated.

The Ex-Governor urged members of the media and bloggers to exercise discretion when capturing images of public figures during sensitive events. He criticized the unnecessary zooming in on intimate parts, emphasizing the need for decency and professionalism in reporting.

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