Machakos Water CECM decries increased Vandalism

Machakos County water CECM Catherine Mutanu Raphael has expressed concerns over the escalating vandalism of water infrastructure. Mutanu called for public collaboration in dealing with this destructive trend to prevent further disruptions to the water supply.

The CECM highlighted the disturbing trend of individuals interfering with vital infrastructure such as solar panels, water pipes, and meters. She condemned these actions warning that if left unchecked, they could exacerbate the already challenging situation of water scarcity in the county.

“One of the key challenges we are having is vandalism or interfering with our infrastructure and as such making service delivery a challenge,” Mutanu noted.

According to Mutanu, Machakos County has incurred financial losses due to the need for constant replacement of stolen or damaged equipment. She emphasized that such vandalism not only hampers service delivery but also jeopardizes the quality and reliability of water supply to residents.

“Once we have our equipment vandalized, it means it will interrupt the water supply and interfere with the quality of water to Machakos People”. Mutanu emphasized.

Addressing water shortage incidences in Kathemboni, Muthini, and Eastleigh areas of Machakos Town Constituency, Mutanu disclosed plans to address pipe breakages by installing new pipes to replace colonial-era infrastructure. She assured residents that efforts are underway to restore regular water supply to these affected areas effectively.

Mutanu urged vigilance among the community members, calling on them to report any suspicious activities related to water infrastructure vandalism.

“I am appealing to you all to be on the lookout in case you suspect anyone trying to interfere with our water supply,” added Mutanu.

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