Maanzo warns social media users celebrating Ndolo wa Mauta’s death

Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo has warned social media users who celebrated the death of Makueni Businessman Francis Ndolo Silia alias Ndolo wa Mauta.

Speaking at Ndolo’s burial in Kiima Kiu Kalanzoni ward, Maanzo asked young people to find better things to do on social media instead of peddling lies and tarnishing people’s names.

“We need brilliant people to take up emerging careers in the world to represent us there. instead of writing bad things on social media, one can use the sites to learn skills helpful in this life. Instead of ruining your life or looking for publicity in the wrong place, do something that the community can see and praise you instead of soiling the names of other people,” Maanzo stated.

The Senator also asked Christians to avoid being judgemental as that would make them miss heaven and land in hell. He noted some people who seem bad might go to heaven because they have a relationship with God.

Let us learn to live with one another as brothers and sisters, helping one another should be the norm in our community. Let us avoid judging people and leave it to God because people that you see are holy you might not find them in heaven and instead you will find those who you judged as unrighteous,” Maanzo added.

Ndolo Silia was a prominent figure in the business community who owned several petrol stations under the brand Noble Oil, located in Kasikeu, Sultan Hamud, and Salama. He was also the proprietor of Club Whiskey Falls in Sultan Hamud.

Following his demise, social media users accused him of several things with some going to the extent of celebrating his death.

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