Labour Cabinet Secretary calls for an end to Doctors’ Strike

Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore appealed for a quick end to the ongoing nationwide doctors’ strike. She encouraged medical practitioners to return to work and participate in meaningful dialogue with the government.

Addressing the media Friday, CS Bore referred to the Labour Relations Act of 2007. Emphasizing its framework for resolving conflicts through dispute settlement processes, she highlighted that the right to strike is not absolute.

This implied that her ministry possesses the authority to interfere when circumstances require it. Bore additionally referenced the Employment and Labour Relations Court’s March decision, which imposed an immediate end to the strike. It directed the Conciliation Committee to support parties involved in reaching a resolution.

She emphasized the necessity of following this decision in order to reach an agreement. She therefore encouraged all parties to co-operate and act in good faith.

“The Head of Public Service has taken action in complying with the orders,” Bore stated, underscoring the need for everyone else to follow suit. She reiterated the need for the physicians’ union to suspend the strike and engage in negotiations with the Ministry of Health and the 47 county governments, pushing them to direct its members to get back to work to promote substantive discussions.

The CS stressed the importance of collaborating to help the government’s measures to restore normalcy in the local health system.

She voiced trust in stakeholders’ capacity to settle the issue, saying, “This matter has received attention at the highest level, and we should have faith in each other to resolve it once and for all.” The CS further urged medical practitioners to consider dialogue so it can consequently lead to a quick end to the continuing ongoing strike.

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