Kyomo Ward Residents Plead with Kitui County Government for Street Light Repairs

Frustrated residents of Kyethani have issued a plea to the Kitui County Government, urging swift action to repair the malfunctioning street lights, locally known as “Mulika Mwizi,” in the Kyethani market. The lights, initially installed during Governor Malombe’s first term, have been non-functional for an extended period, plunging the area into darkness and hindering essential activities.

Businesses and residents have been severely impacted by the outage, affecting both safety and economic productivity. The plea for intervention was expressed during a recent community gathering where concerns were voiced regarding the lack of action taken since the street lights went off.

“We have a problem with Mulika Mwizi; they were installed by Governor Malombe during his first term. However, after that period, they went off, and no action was taken to restore the lighting. We cannot work at night because of darkness. We also face issues with electricity. We request the governor to intervene and address these problems,” stated one of the local businessmen.

The absence of functional street lights not only poses safety risks but also hampers the daily lives of the residents who are unable to engage in essential activities after sunset. The plea emphasizes the urgent need for the county government’s attention to restoring the street lights, ensuring the well-being and productivity of the community.

Residents are hopeful that Governor Malombe, known for his commitment to community development, will prioritize their concerns and initiate prompt action to rectify the situation. The request extends beyond the restoration of Mlika Mwizi lights, as it also encompasses addressing broader electricity issues in the area.

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