Kitui Residents Storm Mutha Police Station alleging police have been working with Somali camel herders

Irate Mutha residents stormed Mutha police station – Kitui south, with bows and arrows claiming that the police have been collaborating with the camel herders instead of protecting the people of Kitui. 

This came hours after, 32-year-old Mutuku Mwango was allegedly killed by the camel herders raising the number to 56 people who have been killed since the Kitui-Tana River border conflict started.

The residents alleged that the police vehicles are used to transport food to the camel herders feeding camels on their farms and demanded the camels be taken out of their land.

“Somalis are killing us yet the police are protecting them, we have been losing our people every time and when we come to the police they want to shoot us. They use their land cruiser to transport food and take it to the camel herders who are in the forest and come to feed their camels in our farms,” a resident lamented.

The residents were calmed down by the Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai who said that he will camp in the area for the next five days to ensure that all the camels are driven out of the residents’ lands.

“This problem of camels started a long time ago even when I was first time MP. I have already told President Ruto that we have a problem here, and the acting Inspector General of Police is aware of the situation. Those people who are herding the camels are not the real owners that’s why we want all the camels to be brought to Mutha police station for the real owners the likes of Aden Duale to come and pick them,” Nimrod Mbai said. 

The Kitui East MP also stated that when the locals bring the camels to the police station and the owners are identified, the owners will have to compensate the locals for the loss incurred after they are taken to court.

During his vetting, Defence CS Nominee Aden Duale revealed that he has 231 camels in Kitui county.

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