Kativui’s latest song Kitetenye takes the Internet by storm

Kitetenye the latest song by Kamba Benga artist Ben Mbatha alias Kativui has taken the internet by storm.

A day after its release, Kitetenye has garnered over 153,000 views and was trending on YouTube at number 3 by the time of publishing.

“Ndawa I want to plan a long trip going around Kenya playing my music even to the places I have never been. My team, please prepare we want to go around and shake this country for fans to know we are still there. They say I’m unable to produce videos and new music but all that is hearsay.” The song introduction goes (translated).

Kativui asks his fans to ignore the above claims saying he knows the source behind the allegations on social media. In the song, he also said those who tried to fight him have gone broke but God still stands by his side.

“When they begin trips to take me to the witch doctor I’m always ahead of them. I told them mine is a talent from God, not something ending soon.” The song goes on.

Kativui warns those who have been trying to copy his dance moves that he has new ones coming which if someone tries to copy they might find themselves in a hospital and used the song to pass season greetings to his fans. He then introduces the new dance “Kitetenye.”

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Below are some reactions from his fans to Kitetenye;

Nicholus Kingwaa said,” Those who will listen to this song in 2090 kativui is the only legend in ukambani where material used to flow freely in our time without any repetition. He is the only kamba legend whose followers don’t bother what others say about his educational level.Yaani mwini ula utumiaa Ngai swa muswawa kuete material. The only number 1 kamba legend of the 21st.. century.”

Fitalis Kyalo said, “Literary aesthetics in literature says you can have a play within a play..this is a real piece.”

Samuel Mutemi said, “This is the only Benga singer whose composition is naturally influenced by factors surrounding him. His arrangement of words without repeating is unusual. His flow of words isn’t comparable. His guitar is woow.”

Benedict Ngomo said, “Kativui is Legend on his way Kamba Benga nation can’t hit without him.”

Abed Kaptain said, “This is now the DAWA I used to listen to back in 2006.Congratulations and keep the fire burning. WE LOVE YOU KATIVUI.”

Misheck Jimmy said, “Kativui it’s a real legend…a record 16 minutes song….without any repetition.”

DMtume added,”One thing I love about Kativui akitoa ngoma anatoanga kindu kiiima yaaani kindu strong….. A single song for 10 minutes. Dawa dawa.”

The video;

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