Kathiani residents decry increasing livestock theft

Residents of Munyini, a tranquil suburb nestled within the expansive landscapes of Mitaboni, Kathiani in Machakos County, are calling upon authorities to collaborate closely with the community to combat a spate of livestock thefts that have recently unsettled the area.

Unidentified thieves began targeting the hard-earned livestock of local farmers. This wave of thefts has instilled fear and uncertainty among the residents, who depend largely on their animals for their livelihoods.

One resident, whose morning began with an unexpected and disheartening discovery, shared a particularly poignant account.

“I woke up and opened the window, expecting to see my cow where I had left it the night before. But it was gone. Even my dog, which I had relied on for security, was killed,” they recounted, illustrating the boldness and brutality of the thieves plaguing the community.

The incident is not isolated, with numerous others in the community facing similar losses. The emotional and economic toll of these thefts on families is significant, given the value of livestock not only as a source of income but also as a vital part of the community’s way of life.

In response to this alarming trend, residents are urging local security forces to work hand in hand with them, advocating for a community policing approach that might offer a more robust and immediate solution to the problem. This partnership, they believe, could leverage local knowledge and networks to prevent further thefts, ensuring the safety of their property and the well-being of their community.

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