Kangundo: Locals forced to repair dilapidated roads

In a surprising turn of events, residents of Kangundo North Ward took matters into their own hands as they started fixing the badly damaged feeder roads themselves. Frustrated by the state of the roads, which resembled obstacle courses filled with massive potholes, locals decided to act.

Their efforts were not in vain, as they managed to patch up some of the worst potholes along the Kathithyamaa-Kikambuani road, making it easier for vehicles to pass through. Speaking to the media, residents expressed their grievances, emphasizing how the poor road conditions were causing major transportation issues to various destinations.

One resident highlighted the dire situation, mentioning that even emergencies like women in labor struggle to reach the hospital due to the road’s condition. The contrast between the road during dry seasons, where it turns into a dusty nightmare, and rainy seasons, transforming into a muddy obstacle course with sections washed away by water, added to their frustrations.

The blame was directed towards local leaders, past and present, who were criticized for neglecting the road’s maintenance despite their roots in the area. The looming threat of organizing demonstrations loomed as residents demanded immediate action from the county government to fix the road.

“There are many leaders who came from this region beginning with Paul Ngei, Muli among others but have never thought of ensuring this road is made passable,” said a local.

“When you see us trying to repair the road just know that the situation is bad. We have not seen our area MCA yet he lives a few kilometers from here. Soon we will demonstrate because we cannot continue to keep quiet,” he added.

A resident summed up the community’s sentiment, expressing that their visible efforts in repairing the road were a testament to the severity of the situation. With plans to escalate their demands through demonstrations if necessary, residents urged their local leaders to take responsibility and address the pressing issue before it escalates further.

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