Justina Syokau’s 24 hour ultimatum to Khaligraph Jones

Kamba gospel artist Justina Syokau has announced her venture into the world of rap, challenging renowned celebrated rapper Khaligraph Jones to collaborate on what she promises to be a game-changing musical project.

Justina Syokau boldly declared her rap ambitions by reaching out directly to Khaligraph Jones via social media.

In a post that quickly went viral, Syokau called out Kenyan rappers and threatened to dethrone Khaligraph Jones while seemingly asking for a collabo. She asked Khaligraph to connect with her within 24 hours, proposing a collaboration that promises to “rock this town with style deadly deadly.

“Khaligraph Jones I’m giving you 24 hours you hit my DM. It’s about time we rock this town na mastyle deadly deadly,” added Syokau.

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The unexpected transition from gospel to rap marks a significant shift in Syokau’s musical journey and has sparked intrigue and curiosity within the Kenyan music scene. Known for her energetic performances and infectious charisma, Syokau appears ready to embrace this new artistic path.

Khaligraph Jones has yet to respond to Syokau’s challenge publicly. However, the prospect of these two distinct musical talents coming together has ignited anticipation among fans and industry insiders.

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