Joan Mutheu sheds light on her relationship with Abednecho Katue

Actress Joan Mutheu has spoken out against rumors suggesting she is in a romantic relationship with American-based medic Abednecho Katue.

 In an interview with Kamba TV, Mutheu clarified that Katue is merely her mentor, and any social media posts featuring him are a gesture of appreciation for his guidance and support in her career.

“I want to make it clear that Dr. Katue is not my boyfriend. He has been a mentor to me, especially in navigating the entertainment industry, and the posts and tags I do about him are mere appreciation,” Mutheu stated, addressing the ongoing speculation surrounding their relationship.

Furthermore, Mutheu revealed that she is currently in a relationship with someone else, whom she described as supportive and understanding of her professional interactions. 

“My boyfriend understands the nature of my work and the importance of networking. He is okay with me posting about Dr. Katue because he knows it’s purely professional,” she added.

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However, Mutheu expressed deep concern about the negative impact of social media trolling and bullying, particularly directed at her boyfriend due to the unfounded dating rumors. 

“The constant harassment and false accusations have taken a toll on my mental health and that of my loved ones. It’s disheartening to see how easily misinformation can spread and affect people’s lives. You may be doing it for fun but it’s draining me,” she lamented.

Mutheu who doubles up as a content creator said that she does not post her boyfriend because she respects him that much.

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