Governor Kibwana Speaks on Joining Kenya Kwanza

A past photo of Makueni Gov. Prof Kivutha Kibwana. (Photo -Courtesy)

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has spoken on claims that he might dump Azimio la Umoja- One Kenya Coalition and join Kenya Kwanza.

Speaking during the burial of Janet Nthoki Nduya who was the daughter of Johnson Muthama, Kivutha pointed out that together with Governor Mutua and Ngilu they have been sidelined in Azimio after the entry of Kalonzo.

He also suggested that he would like to be made Ruto’s associate pastor words suggesting that he might join the hustler’s Kenya Kwanza camp.

” The three Ukambani Governors we were told to take a break because Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is looking for a Deputy captain slot in Azimio FC. We were told to sit at the reserve bench for some time,” Kivutha said.

He also stated that they will continue sitting at the reserve bench until when they will be told to stand and go back to the field and that is why he is not campaigning for Raila.

“We are waiting, maybe we will be told to stand up and continue with our match,” he added.

Kivutha disclosed that as a researcher and a scholar he has been researching the bottom-up economic model proposed by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and found out that it can help Kenyans if properly applied.

“In application, if you start improving Kenya from the bottom, from the have nots you can help the country very much and that bottom-up I imagine goes to middle class up to the rich and that is not a bad concept for us. In Azimio we also have a similar model. If that is applied well, it can help our country,” he stated.


Kibwana also reiterated that there have been handshakes since independence and another one might be expected after the August general elections for the sake of national unity.

“As Kenyans and as politicians let’s prepare for another handshake after August. I want a special volunteer position, Rigathi you will ask so that I become Ruto’s Associate pastor because I know a time is coming for our country when we need peace to be made. There is also no need to argue and exchange words with the president,” Kibwana went on.

He also revealed that Muthama has been requesting him to join Kenya Kwanza but he is capable of making his own decisions on the same at the appropriate time.

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