Daring Kasoa vows to unseat Kawaya in 2027 

Former Mbiuni MCA Thomas Mweu Kasoa has announced his intentions to challenge Mwala MP Vincent Musau alias ‘Kawaya’ in the 2027 general elections. 

Kasoa who serves as Chair of Nairobi City County Public Service Board expressed confidence in winning stating that will give Kawaya a run for his money. He disclosed that he is gearing up to launch his manifesto and kickstart his campaign next year.

Speaking at the food distribution event to flood victims in Kabaa, Mwala constituency that was led by Governor Wavinya, Kasoa highlighted the pressing need for change and accountability in Mwala leadership. 

He expressed confidence in his ability to represent the interests of the people of Mwala effectively, citing his track record of accessibility and responsiveness to community concerns during his tenure as an MCA.

“Governor I support you and assure you it won’t be a challenge to retain your seat in 2027. I want to announce here today that I will be vying for the MP Seat. Ive told Kawaya that 15 years is enough, let him pave the way for other leaders like Kasoa.” Kasoa stated.

“You all know my home and you keep coming there. With the current MP, no one goes to his home. Next year I will launch my bid to be MP with the Wiper party. I believe it’s time for a leader who is actively present and committed to addressing the issues facing our constituents.,” Kasoa added.

The announcement has sparked early discussions and anticipation among residents, with some voicing their support for Kasoa’s candidacy. 

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Kasoa’s decision to enter the parliamentary race on a Wiper ticket signals a shifting political landscape, with increased competition and a renewed focus on delivering tangible results for the community. 

However, clinching the Mwala parliamentary seat might not be a walk in the park for him as he will first need to battle Kilei Mutinda for the Wiper ticket. Notably, Kasoa comes from Mbiuni where the current MP comes from and the geopolitics may be at play.

In February, Machakos Deputy Governor said that Wavinya’s administration would support opponents of MPs who were criticizing and refusing to work with Governor Wavinya ahead of 2027. Mwala MP Kawaya has been critical of the Wavinya administration. Missed the story? check it out below;

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