Concerns raised as over 20 motorbikes stolen in Kitui

DCI sleuths and companies loaning motorbikes in Kitui County have been urged to work closely with Boda Boda operators in the fight against motorbike theft.

Speaking after a meeting with Boda Boda operators, Kitui Boda Boda chairman Kevin Kivala said that insecurity is a major concern among the operators.

He noted that over 20 motorbikes have been stolen in one month stating that Kitui town is among the affected areas.

“We would like to urge the security agents to respond swiftly and save us from gangs targeting our bikes,” Kivala said.

“Areas in Kitui town that are affected include, Resort, Ginnery, Site, Majengo among others,” he added.

Kivala disclosed that 90 percent of the motorbikes getting stolen have been acquired through loans and mostly get stolen a few months before payment ends.

“Our enemy is among us reason why we should be vigilant, it is not normal to have over 20 bikes stolen through the same means, we suspect foul play,” he noted.

The chairman spoke after meeting the Boda boda secretariat in a bid to discuss the affairs of the sector.

He urged the operators to have unity and ensure no rogue colleagues who may comics with thugs are among them.

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