Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna asks police to respect Boda Boda riders and be lenient

A past photo of Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna addressing locals (Photo - Courtesy)

Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna has called on the government to be lenient on Boda Boda operators across the country. This is following the recent nationwide crackdown of the operators ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 8.

“I would like to call upon the Government to be lenient when implementing the operation’s rules as the sector is vast and needs to be taken good care of,” Nguna said.

According to the MP, police officers should not harass bodaboda riders as the sector is still growing and the operators should be given ample time to grow the sector.

“These people are still growing as the sector is still young. Police officers should be easy on Boda boda riders. They should also respect them since not all of them are rogue,” he added.

However, the lawmaker supported the idea that the operators should form and join associations that can offer self-regulation and guidance.

The MP highly condemned the Forest Road instance where a diplomat was harassed by Boda Boda riders after an accident involving one of them.

In a video that went viral online a few days ago, the lady who is a diplomat was cornered and sexually harassed by bodaboda riders after she caused an accident after she hit a bodaboda rider.

Since the President ordered a nationwide crackdown following the incident, police have been urged not to harass all riders since most of them are genuine Kenyans fending for themselves and their loved ones.

For instance, Deputy Inspector General of Kenya Police Edward Mbugua ordered the officers involved in the operation not to harass motorbike owners whose bikes are not involved in Boda Boda business like those operating courier services.

“The crackdown should not be used to harass other motorbike owners who do not do bodaboda business like those operating courier services,” read a memo by the Deputy IG.

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