Drama as Boda Boda Operators chase Thieves who stole a Motorbike and kill them in Makueni

Two suspected thieves were beaten to death by irate Boda Boda operators in Emali, Makueni county. The two were accosted with a motorbike believed to be stolen.

According to witnesses, the two suspects were coming from the Nairobi direction. The operators at Emali market received a call about a stolen motorbike.

The group of operators stationed at the town then waited for the thieves to pass by the town.

“When they spotted the bike, the Boda Boda guys started pursuing them and on the way, the suspects’ bike had a tyre burst leaving them with no option but to run on foot,” an eyewitness narrated.

“The angry group of youths descended on the suspects with blows, kicks, and weapons until they died,” he added.

Emali Boda Boda operators chairman Patrick Mutwiwa urged residents to desist from theft but condemned the operators who took the law into their own hands. He urged them to instead be handing criminals to the police for justice to be served.

“The incident happened at around 6 am and when the Boda Boda guys knew about the incident, they waited at Emali. The motorbike belonged to a bread company, make Boxer read in color. The suspects were caught because they were overspeeding and hit a rock and the front tyre burst,” said the chairman.


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