Kangundo MP Message to Boda Boda operators after a woman was sexually assaulted in Nairobi

Kangundo MP Fabian Muli addressing the press at Kangundo (Photo credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

Kangundo MP Fabian Kyule Muli has called on Boda Boda operators to cast out rogue operators who tarnish their names by getting involved in criminal activities. This follows the assault of a woman by Boda Boda riders along Wangari Mathari road in Nairobi last week.

Addressing the press while issuing bursaries at Kivi ABC, The MP said that the incident was uncalled for, and even the ones who orchestrated the act were not entirely bodaboda operators.

The legislator noted that not all bodaboda operators were rogue or indisciplined its just a few elements that had joined the industry but they should be weeded out.

“I strongly condemn the act where a woman was sexually assaulted in Nairobi by Boda Boda operators, my appeal is to all Boda Boda operators to indemnify the indisciplined operators and weed them out,” The Kangundo MP said.

“Through this, it will help ensure that the Boda Boda operators image is not tainted because of few crooks here and there who don’t even have moral values, making the whole Boda Boda industry be taken as a bad thing,” he added.

On matters Education, The MP asked the Ministry of Education to ensure that they invest in schools that are in remote areas so that they can be able to accommodate the CBC students who will be joining senior and junior schools.

Fabian was disbursing bursaries across Kangundo Subcounty where he had been accompanied by aspirants from Grand Dream Development Party.

On Tuesday, 8th March President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered a crackdown on all Boda Boda operators in Nairobi and across the country following the incident that saw a female motorist sexually assaulted

“Riding a Boda Boda is not a license to do drive-by shootings, and most definitely for you to strip and remove dignity from our women. We want to support our Boda Bodas, but even these women are your customers. Treat them with respect.” The president said during International Women’s day celebrations in Kabete.

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