Chief Savano: Kangundo Disciplinarian who didn’t allow black clothes in funerals

Born in 1920 Chief Savano Maveke died in December 2016 at the age of 96. Savano began ruling the larger Kangundo in the 1960s after the leadership was handed over to him by Senior Chief Uku wa Mukima.

He was known for his strictness, deep regard for values and did not hesitate
to enforce them. His strict demeanor would make one feel like jumping out of
their skin once found in the wrong.

Those born in his time of ruling say that the Chief was a disciplinarian and
did not allow polygamy in his time, although some few elements did marry two

He did not allow women to wear short skirts dresses or even trousers once he
found you with one then hell would be extricated on you.

The chief did not allow anyone to miss his Baraza and what he spoke in the
meetings was final, anyone going against him faced the consequences.

“Women were not allowed to go to the marketplace with their children.
He did not allow bars to operate and drug abuse was unheard of in his
time,” said a local.

Although many people think wearing black at funerals is significant the
Chief would hear none of it. Savano thought black represented darkness and instead recommended people to instead wear white.

Also, he didn’t allow a funeral program for an adult to be hurried and would
be heard saying ‘We are not burying ‘Kivuno’ a Kamba name for a stillbirth

At the funerals, he did not advise the use of English unless the person was
buried. He instead recommended the use of Kamba so that every local even the
old could get what is being said.

Although the Chief is no longer alive his wise counsel lives on and those who were born in his time are said to be well-disciplined.

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