Brace for hard times if Finance bill is passed, Makau warns Kenyans

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has asked Kenyans to brace for tough times ahead if the Finance Bill is passed in parliament.

Speaking in Machakos, Makau noted that the bill is bad news mostly to the common mwananchi who is still struggling due to the high cost of living.

He said that Kenyans are still struggling and many of those who had planted will not be able to harvest because the rains stopped.

He called on President William Ruto to make the bill favorable until the country is back on its feet.

The lawmaker noted that overtaxing Kenyans is not the solution for the Government to get money.

“According to the principles of economics overtaxing citizens is not the solution to getting money, don’t think that just because you are not a civil servant the three percent housing tax doesn’t affect you remember if you sell your cow three percent tax will be taken away,” Makau said.

“I would urge the president and his Deputy to hold their horses and not force the bill on Kenyans because it is not an emergency. If the bill is passed be sure the cost of living will go high and Kenyans will not be able to manage,” he added.

He asserted that he will be among the lawmakers who will vote against the bill in Parliament.

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