Stella Mengele fires warning to ‘Son’ Ndeke ya Muthanga

Gospel singer Stella Mengele had come out to condemn Ken Kijana’s recent altercation with a Facebooker.

In a post, Mengele warned Kijana also known as Ndeke ya Muthanga that pride comes before a fall and he should not be drunk with the fame.

Stella questioned why her ‘son’ was back to abusing people on social media a behavior she thought had been left in the past.

She noted that she had warned Ndeke severally that he should not engage in online battles with those fighting him but instead keep his cool and advice he didn’t take to heart.

“What is this now, the same mouth preaching Jesus is also abusing people. How many times have I warned you, fame has engulfed you and now the gas you’re emitting is not good. If you want to finish yourself do so, if you want to open the gates for the devil it’s okay just know he died not a joke,” Mengele said.

She also went ahead to warn him that if he cannot keep up with God’s standards he should take a break and be quiet lest God himself punishes him.

Mengele’s concerns come just a few days after a brutal altercation between Ndeke and a Facebook user who warned him against insulting other singers.

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