Police officers advised to seek counseling when they face challenges

Machakos Central CIPU Fraternity held its End Year Party at Machakos Youth Centre over the weekend. During the event, police officers were urged to reach out to responsible authorities for guidance and counseling when they face life challenges.

“We have bodies and even special groups that provide guidance and counseling to our police officers when they face life challenges. I urge our police officers to kindly reach out to them for assistance.”Adhi Ali Sorcha, Machakos Sub-County CIPU Commander said.

She noted that the rate at which police officers are taking away their lives can be curbed by police officers practicing their careers happily and freely.

Adhis’ remarks were echoed by County CIPU Commander Dennis Odero, who also cautioned the police not to take their lives when they face stressful situations.

“Life is precious. I request you not to take your life, otherwise, I encourage you to take the stress away. As Sub-County CIPU Commander Ali Adhi has just mentioned, we have bodies that you can approach and seek guidance in case of life challenges. Kindly let’s not forget that.” pointed out Dennis Odero, County CIPU Commander, Machakos.

Police officers got different talents and they were urged to nature them by showcasing them to the public so as in return to benefit from their talents

“As you have seen today, I had police officers with different talents, you’ve seen that we have musicians, and photographers just to mention a few. My request is that all police officers bring out their talents to the public. You never know, you may earn more from your talents.”Adhi Ali added.

Machakos County Chief of Staff who was the Guest of Honour – Lawrence Nzau Ngovi lauded the police officers for their working with the community, asking them to continue working closely.

“I’m happy. Machakos County is never the same again. Since we took over the leadership of this great county of Machakos, we have witnessed working together between our police officers and the community. That is the way to go. Don’t relent, keep going for the benefit of each and every one. “Lawrence Ngovi noted.

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