Mama Africa discloses person handling her Wedding Invites

Kathamani Patimo hitmaker Mama Africa has disclosed the person who will be sending invites for her wedding.

In an interview on Tiktok, Mama Africa disclosed that she will not be the one giving out invites for her wedding rather it will be her best friend Kitole Hitmaker Stephen Kasolo.

“Kasolo will be the one giving out my wedding invites, he will be the one who will choose who is to come and who will not come. So if you are not invited do not come,” said Mama Africa.

“Kasolo is my best friend so he knows who I like and the ones I do not like, the ones I want to attend and the ones I do not want to attend, and at the end of the day it is my wedding day,” she added.

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Mama Africa went ahead to disclose that she did not want many people to attend her wedding giving out a number of about 50 people.

Stephen Kasolo went to his Facebook page and congratulated Mama Africa for her wedding disclosing that he would buy a wedding gown for her worth two hundred thousand.

“Mama Africa Finally amepata jiko ama amepata mti wa kukanda chapati? AMA Inafaa kuwa aje?Inshort ako na wedding na sio kila mtu atakuja invites only. Congratulations my friend Mama Africa. I will buy her the gown ya 200K. My support and my family,” read Kasolo’s post.

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