Kitui MCAs Pass 2022/2023 Budget, finger Ngilu for ‘Milking Kitui’

The County Assembly of Kitui on Thursday (5Th May) passed a budget of 11.5B Kenya shillings for the financial year 2022/2023.

Budget committee chair Boniface Kilaa Kasina confirmed that most of the money passed by the county assembly will be used to pay pending bills which will pose a big challenge to the Next Regime after the August elections.

The Kitui Majority Leader and Athi Ward MCA Peter Kilonzo popularly known as ‘Tangawizi’ lamented that the budget that they have been passing during Governor Ngilu’s tenure has not helped the common mwananchi. He stated that they gave the former regime of Governor Malombe from 2013 to 2017 a total of 31B while for the current regime from 2017 to 2021 they gave a total of 61B and they are not happy about what they have done.

“Kitui county has just been milked down by a government which was senseless, and very merciless to the people of Kitui, we can’t mention anything good. When we talk of artificial insemination they scored zero when we go to ‘ndengu’ project they scored zero, when we go to K-Chic it’s still zero, Kunguni project they scored negative so it is time even without voting we even pray that this government just goes and disappears completely,” he said furiously.

MCA Tangawizi added that Governor Ngilu should not be seen in public scene pretending to be patriotic even in National politics yet she has messed up Kitui county by creating a crisis and more pending bills which will give the next Governor a hard time.

“I have nothing good I can speak about Charity Ngilu and her regime but I wish them well. I know even if we happen not to meet anywhere there will be judgment but I think this budget is a good one that can be implemented by an honest, patriotic governor to this county,” Tangawizi added.

Emeritus Kasee Musya reiterated the words of Tangawizi stating that there are many pending bills in various ministries of the county which is an ‘elephant’ raised by the treasury and controller of the budget.

“Until we have full disclosure of pending bills of Kitui then the Next Government has a difficult task especially when we will be having a new government. Because if we are looking at over 2 billion pending bills then we are already saying 2022/2023 would be actually a year of clearing pending bills then development can start 2023/2024 because we have people who are still struggling,” Kasee said.

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