Mike Sonko Sends Warning to Joho Ahead of his Campaign Launch

Photo combination - Mike sonko and Hassan Joho

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has warned a section of Mombasa leaders led by Governor Ali Hassan Joho from barring anyone who wants to vie for a political seat in Mombasa.

Sonko stated that Mombasa is for everybody despite their skin color or religion and reiterated that his late mother was from Mombasa and he was also born in the same place.

He pointed out that Mombasa belongs to everybody and that the grand launch of his Gubernatorial bid will shock the ‘sultan’ (referring to Governor Joho).

“Uhuru told us that Governor’s seat in Nairobi belongs to Jubilee and we left it to them and that’s why I ask you as a Kamba is there any problem? My mother coming from Mombasa is there any problem? I want to tell my brother Sultan to shut up and wait for an earthquake because Mombasa belongs to everybody and everybody can contest for a seat where they want and I request him to respect me,” Sonko stated.

He warned a section of Mombasa leaders who have been insulting Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka for endorsing Mike Sonko to fly the Wiper ticket for Mombasa Governor saying that they should stop that and come together to deliberate on how to make Mombasa great.

“This issue of saying Christians are ‘Kaffir’ they should stop that and I promise that the kind of government I’m taking there is going to end ethnicity and religious profiling. I will unite all the tribes and make Muslims and Christians love each other as they used to do,” he added.

Sonko further called upon Governor Joho to stop dividing the people of Mombasa and stop inciting other leaders to insult Kalonzo. He gave him a warning that if he continued with insults Sonko will deal with him and will embark on massive campaigns at the Coast.

Sonko is expected to hold a mega rally on Saturday 7th May to officially launch his campaigns at the Coast. Videos of a convoy of high-end vehicles branded with Sonko’s name have been circulating online. Kalonzo Musyoka and leaders from wiper began roadshows today that will culminate in Mombasa grant entry for Mike Sonko.

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