Kitui County Assembly Holds Public Participation on SEKEB Bill

The County Assembly of Kitui led by Peter Kilonzo, the leader of the majority and the chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee led the public participation on Southern Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) bill.

The bill is set to be approved by the three Ukambani County Assemblies (Kitui, Machakos, and Makueni) to bring the counties together and ensure that there is economic, social, cultural, and technological development in the three counties.

Speaking after the public participation forum, MCA Kilonzo stated that the bill will ensure that the counties have a common law towards the agenda of bringing more development to the people.

“We want to ensure that activities like trade tariffs, prices of commodities like Ndengu, livestock and other things we want them to be the same in Kitui, Makueni, and Machakos. We’ve held a very interactive public participation with the Kitui people who have given out their ideas, opinions, and what they need to be included in the bill,” he said.

The committee stated that the three Ukambani Governors saw it wise to start an economic block in the region to ensure that they come together just like the coastal region who have Jumuiya ya Pwani, Northern Region, and also Nyanza region counties who have their economic blocks which are doing much better and improving the status of the counties.

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MCA Kilonzo gave an example of his Athi ward which is close to Makueni county and there is a market center which is shared by the two counties and has a market day on the same day but prices and taxes at the side of Makueni are cheaper compared to those of Kitui and that is one of the key things the bill will ensure that they balance them.

“The law will be important to us because we will be able to sit down and table the various projects we want to undertake and will be able to help all the three counties, we will also deliberate to have our bank in our region… if it’s Ndengu we will ensure that if Kitui they are being bought at Ksh. 100 then the other counties it should be the same price,” he added.

The committee will compile their report which will also include public opinion, harmonize various issues considering those deliberated by Makueni and Machakos before enacting the bill. They will later sit down together with the county assemblies from Makueni and Machakos to hear opinions from all of them before passing it. The bill will be passed on the same day in the three counties.

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