Kamba Leadership Forum downplays Azimio demos

The Kamba leadership forum has downplayed demonstrations planned by the Azimio coalition on Monday.

Led by their chairperson Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki the Association said that the demonstrations are uncalled for since they won’t help bring down the cost of living.

Ndambuki said that the only thing the demos will bring forth is the destruction of property, robbery, and people may get injured.

He noted that the demos will only hurt the dwindling economy and cause unrest.

The Archbishop urged the opposition to seek a sitting with the President and discuss issues involving the cost of living instead of inciting Kenyans to go for demos.

The clergy member also urged leaders from the opposition to give the government time to work for its people.

“The cost of living is high and going for demonstrations will not bring food to the table or get what we want. There should be a meeting between the opposition and the Government not for ‘Nusu Mkate’ but to find a way to help Kenyans during this hard situation instead of these back and forth theatrics,” Ndambuki said.

“The president appointed Principal Secretaries the other day, let us give him time to work and deliver his promises to us we cannot be engaging in politics every day yet we are very aware that the government is still in formation,” he added.

Charles Kababu of GCC said that it will be unwise for the opposition to cause mayhem in the country while Kenyans have been enjoying Peace before during and after the 2022 elections.

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