Inside Ruto’s bag of goodies for Makueni

President William Ruto Saturday 9th March visited Makueni County for Wote Catholic Diocese harambee where he unveiled a list of goodies.

Addressing the public at Unoa grounds, Ruto vowed to work with all leaders in Makueni to ensure the implementation of development projects.

The president promised the completion of the stalled housing project in Wote that has lasted over 30 years.

“This Monday, the contractor will come to continue with the completion of the project. We will complete the 200 houses and add more than 700 houses to make a total of 1000 houses,” said Ruto.

Ruto asked local youths to turn out and take advantage of the jobs that will be created by the projects.

The president also assured completion of the Thwake dam by mid this year. And will come back to officially launch the completion of the dam for residents to use the water.

” We had faced some challenges during the construction of the dam. Our experts have indicated to us, that we should increase the embankment so that we can store more water.” The president disclosed.

“The other challenge we had was money, I had to go back to Africa Development Bank and they have agreed to allocate us 7 billion to complete Thwake dam,” He added.

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The president also mentioned the government had awarded a contract for the construction of five markets within Makûenî County. More than 350 million he revealed has been set aside for the projects.

“We will ensure our business people, carry out their activities in comfortable markets by providing electricity, water, and a clean environment. The Governor has requested 2 weeks to sensitize those who will be affected. If there is a market that you think can be built at a better place than where it is proposed let us know. I have been informed of the one in Kathonzweni,” Added Ruto.

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