Fans worried about Kativui after Kamba Festival performance

Ben Mbatha, popularly known as Kativui, a renowned Benga artist from Ukambani was among the artists that graced the stage at the vibrant Kamba festival in Athi River.

However, his performance left some fans worried about his well-being and raised questions about his health.

During his Saturday night performance, Kativui seemed to struggle with his guitar at times, leading to what some fans described as an “unelectrifying” performance.

¬†His voice also seemed to fail him and concerns about his health surfaced as he appeared off and not his usual energetic self. Some fans even claimed the ‘vaa mbee’ hitmaker had also lost some weight.

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However, amidst these speculations, Kativui’s loyal fan base has rallied in support of the artist, emphasizing their continued admiration for his musical talent and expressing hope for his well-being.

Here are some of the reactions from a video posted on YouTube;

Williams William guitarist wrote, “Kativui my legend is not happy and I guess he is feeling unwell. I wish you a quick recovery in Jesus’ mighty name. Receive healing so that you come back to your good health and performance. Any obstacle against your talent and your health is decomposed and overpowered in Jesus name.”

“From the look of things Kativui is not feeling well so whoever is yelling here ajue sisi wote Tuko na miili and everyone has their lowest moments,” wrote Sir-kofficial.

“I’ve been a fan of Kativui for years, and while his performance may not have been his best, I still appreciate his music and wish him the best,” Another fan added.

Emilio Mumo said, “DJ Biado I request uongee na huyu jamaa wetu he is not healthy”.

The Kamba festival, known for celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Kamba people through music, dance, and art, provided a platform for artists like Kativui to showcase their talent and connect with their audience.

Despite the speculations and questions from fans, Kativui has not directly addressed the concerns or provided any explanations regarding his performance.

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