Facts you didn’t know about comedian ‘Luku master’

Popularly Known as Tom Daktari or Luku master, Tom Wambua Mboya is a comedian with a great following on social media.

Born in a family of nine in Machakos 26 years ago, Wambua rose to popularity with his high school skits with fellow comedian Sammy Kioko and has made himself a name in the world of comedy.

Wambua is an alumnus of the Kenya Institute of Media Studies where he graduated in filmmaking.

His comedy journey was not a walk in the park as in a recent interview he disclosed his tough and discouraging journey since 2013.

At one time he was hawking eggs and on the first day, he went home with 20 eggs after failing to attract customers.

He ate the eggs and by the following morning, he was suffering from an allergy.

However, he persisted and remained consistent and it’s only fair to say his efforts bore fruits.

At one time he performed in college and got a standing ovation from famous comedians including Abel Mutua also known as Mkurugenzi.

Believe it or not his worth is estimated at 15 million Shillings as he makes a kill from YouTube.

His dream was always to be a journalist and to be precise a football commentator. He says he does not chase clout but strives to be authentic and funny in his skits.

Apart from comedy, he is a businessman too, selling water and furniture.

Together with Sammy Kioko, the duo started Wamusyi show in Nairobi and they recently held a successful show in Mombasa.

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