Wilberforce Musyoka Releases new Song after surviving accident

Celebrated Kamba Gospel Artist Wilberforce Musyoka has released a new song days after being involved in a grisly road accident.

The song dubbed Kyondoni has been received well by netizens on YouTube after he released it.

The song which is drawn from the birth of Moses and how he was rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter speaks of trusting that no matter the circumstances God is on our side to ensure that we win.

Tuyaile ni ukia, atukwatiilile tusinde, Yesu atukwatiilile tusinde, Twina Ngai na Tuyaile ukia e utonyi wa utuma Kyondoni,” goes a part of the song.

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Below are some of the reactions from netizens;

Scholar Kelitu Ka Kim said, “Am very grateful to God who made you escape the snares of the devil. God is always faithful continue praising en honoring him. Thanks a lot for the info.”

Dinnah Wayua said, “That is our learned Kamba musician… Have you seen the vocabulary used….am even afraid of using the Kamba language in this post… Wilberforce Musyoka you are a great blessing to us Kamba.”

Glado Musenya said, “Quick recovery Minister Wilberforce Musyoka, and may God protect and preserve you coz your songs are really blessings to many.”

Japheth Kilonzo said, “It is well servant of God Wilberforce Musyoka. We thank God for preserving your life. Continuing to pray for you. He delivered you from the snare of the Fowler.. Psalms 91.”

Daniel Kitua added, “This is how men with Grace respond to issues. May the Lord grant you a quick recovery. I am still looking at you as a role model. Keep on shining.”

The video:

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