Mbili Ndawa speaks after being baptized ‘Kaute’ MCA

Matuu MCA Judas Mbili Ndawa has spoken after being branded a ‘Kaute’/handout-seeking leader.

The Machakos County Assembly minority leader stated the has gotten development for working with Governor Wavinya.

Speaking at a function in Matuu, Ndawa cautioned Machakos MCAs to separate politics and development especially those who have branded others Kaute MCAs.

“iko tu siasa kidogo,watu wakonayo. Siasa kando na kazi kando.Nimesikia some of my colleagues wakisema hakuna kazi inaendelea. I want to make it clear in Machakos development is ongoing.” Ndawa mentioned.

“I qualify to be called principal Kaute MCA. I went to Governor Wavinya Ndeti and secured water tanks to distribute in the ward,” he added

Ndawa further mentioned that through the Machakos Health Department, they had received funds to build a new dispensary.

The MCA promised to work with Machakos county leadership, despite of criticism from fellow MCAs.

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