Kitui Family Pleads for Help to Clear 1.2 million Hospital bill for their Son

The family of Nzomoi Ndungi from Kakuyuni village in Sombe, Kitui East is appealing to well-wishers and political leaders to help them raise funds to get their son out of the hospital.

Nzomoi is currently held at the Kenyatta National Hospital after being discharged five months ago because of failing to pay a hospital bill of over 1.2 million.

The bill accrued after he was admitted there after being involved in a grisly road accident in April 2021 at Molo-Nakuru highway on his way to Rwanda.

According to his parents, after he was admitted to the hospital, he was required to pay more than 2 million shillings and they have sold their valuables to see that their son gets treated.

The family now says they are unable to raise the remaining bill and they have nowhere to get the funds.

“After my son got an accident he was rushed to Molo hospital and from there when he got first aid, he was still in a critical condition and was transferred to Kijabe Mission Hospital where in the company of his brothers we were to pay 250,000 for Nzomoi to start getting treatment. From there since he was in a critical condition, he was referred to Kenyatta and we called someone to buy all our goats and cows to send the 200,000 for him to start being treated,” Nzomoi’s mother narrated.

Before getting the accident, Peter Nzomoi Munyau was working as a driver of long-distance trucks carrying goods from Mombasa port to Uganda, Rwanda, and Sudan.

“He had fractured twice in his hands and legs were broken three times even some of the bones were lost and as he continued with treatment the bills rose close to 3 million shillings and after holding a fundraiser we paid a total of 1.7 million and now the bill is 1.2 million shillings.” The mother went on.

His parents say that their son was the only hope in the family and had just started working and are now requesting well-wishers to help them raise the funds for them to get their son back.

“The only thing remaining is our only piece of land which hoped that we would reserve it for our children who two of them are at the university and two other in high school, my number is 0713756913 and we as a family of Nzomoi will be very grateful for your assistance.” She went on.

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